Air booking Platform Development for the Leading Consolidator


Our client is one of the major airline ticket wholesalers in North America. They provide flight tickets and have both – an online and offline business. The client also operates with some travel products suppliers that practice this as a booking platform for US outbound fees.


  • Modern interface (UI)
  • A safe, scalable and customizable airline booking platform for a B2C market
  • Creating a private fare management system integrated with the GDS where the user will be able to see and to compare airfares
  • Web services integration with Travel Talk (Galileo & Sabre GDS)
  • The successful system implementation in a short time

Value Delivered

TripRobotics took on the task of developing for the client. We have quickly deployed our teams: one team analysis, and another one for configuring trip components for a new product. The client provided functional specifications that were a base for coding implementation with a weekly release. Phases included developing, designing, optimizing the database, migrating, and customizing the application.

TripRobotics's best practices in analysis, design, project management, quality control, and development helped run the application in the short time periods set by the client.


TripRobotics was highly appreciated by the client, and the release of the first version of the code indicates TripRobotics’s significant contribution to the launch of its product on the market.

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