Developing a Hotel Booking Portal for a Travel Agency


Our client is providing its corporate travelers with travel services for managing and booking business travel.


Due to an increasing number of customers, our client had to manually manage a massive amount of booking, payment, and communication processes. Consequently, we were approached to create an online portal for hotel booking to make processes more efficient. Hence, we were aiming to optimize and automate the administrative work.


We have developed a bilingual website that displays a wide variety of hotels. We have also created a unique yet functional web interface to allow users to explore it easily. Multiple filters and travel options that were integrated are also leveraging the decision-making process, while the automated administrative flow and various payment methods can increase customer satisfaction.


We were able to develop an online booking website with a unique design and fully functional. We have also integrated various payment methods as well as automated administrative work.


Our clients approached us to develop a system that will allow them to make their workflow more straightforward and efficient by effectively handling the booking and communication requests and optimizing its staff work. They also wanted to extend its payment methods and ensure high-quality B2C and B2B customer service.

Hence, we had to set several objectives to accomplish the request inclusive of the search tools implementation for the external B2B clients, the development of an administrative system capable of displaying the changes users have made. We also had to develop a user-friendly interface for easy access to accommodation features, as well as to integrate a notification system that will help users with their bookings.

Techniques and Methods

While accomplishing the objectives, we have used Bootstrap to create a customized user interface and applied the Ajax technique to increase the website’s performance. Additionally, we have implemented a bilingual resource with an extensive number of hotel suggestions.

The notification system has been integrated to help users comprehend the booking process easier. Most of the administrative work has been automated, and our team has designed a functional system displaying all payment transactions.

We have also been able to develop an embedded search form for external partners’ websites. The search form was integrated using an iFrame. As a result, agents were able to provide the services directly from their agency’s website.

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