Improving Travel with a Personal Touch: The WowFare Story

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WowFare is redefining travel convenience and efficiency as a shining example of the Phone Travel Deals model. Providing travelers with smart and easy ways to save, WowFare offers access to over 400+ airlines worldwide, aiming to make travel easy and inexpensive with its Phone-Only Travel Deals and personalized approach.


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Our Story

The inspiration behind WowFare was simple: streamline the travel booking process while offering unbeatable value. Our team behind that project envisioned a world where travelers won’t have to go through countless websites, compare prices endlessly, or navigate confusing booking forms.

TripRobotics wanted to create a model that prioritized human connection, expert guidance, and exceptional deals – and so, WowFare was born.

WowFare set out to revolutionize travel booking by optimizing the Phone-Only Flight Deals model. With WowFare, TripRobotics tapped into the demand for personalized service and advice that only human travel experts can provide. At the same time, we leveraged technology by integrating the business model into TripRobotics Ecosystem to efficiently match each customer with the best deals. By carefully streamlining the processes and nurturing win-win airline partnerships, WowFare made the Phone Travel Deals model work at a large scale.

What's Unique About WowFare

Unlike most online travel sites, WowFare provides a dedicated travel expert to each customer. Your personal expert guides you in building the optimal itinerary, shares insider tips, and handles all the booking details for you. This white-glove service and access to exclusive, unpublished deals give WowFare a unique advantage.

In contrast to Click-to-Book platforms, WowFare believes human interaction is the key to unlocking the perfect travel experience. The extensive team of travel specialists isn’t just there to take your booking; they’re your travel confidantes, tailoring itineraries to your budget, preferences, and travel dreams. No more guessing games and hidden fees – just incredible value presented with complete transparency.

The Perks of Phone-Only Travel Deals


By reinventing what a travel company can be, TripRobotics has carved out an effective niche with Wowfare. A phone-based model may seem unconventional by today’s self-service standards. Yet time after time, our customers discover that speaking with a real human makes travel planning not just cheaper but also more enjoyable. Using TripRobotics’ technical expertise and unbeatable booking software ecosystem, WowFare brings back the personal touch without sacrificing efficiency or affordability.

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