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Chatdeal is an OTA that emphasizes omnichannel customer communication, enabling bookings through various channels using advanced AI for 24/7 accessibility and seamless conversations.


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The Challenge

To speed up and improve the workflow of its customer services, TripRobotics wanted to adopt a multichannel strategy for its communication with Chatdeal. In addition, the company wanted to minimize the number of customers who leave without getting a resolution to their problem. 

TripRobotics set the following goals to address the problem:

  • Offer multiple points to contact the company
  • A tool that would keep track of all communication channels
  • Improve the first response time and the average time of request processing
  • Decrease the number of ignored inquiries

What did TripRobotics do

Implemented Technology

In order to keep track of all the channels available, we’ve created a custom CRM solution for Chatdeal’s services.

AI gathers data from multiple sources and groups the inquiries into one “customer account.” This allowed agents to continue conversations on the go, even when the client switched from one channel to another. 

In addition, it made the representative’s job easier, as they would see all the information about the customer and recent history.

Omnichannel communication allows customers to connect with a brand through any of its channels. The ultimate goal is to create one seamless experience for the customer, with each touchpoint and interaction adding up to the bigger picture.

24/7 omnichannel assistance

Round-the-clock customer communication is our claim to fame. TripRobotics dedicated a team for Chatdeal specifically trained and assigned to company’s needs. Our agents instantly tackled any upcoming requests and offered the solution to customer’s problems. With the use of experts and data provided by the in-house built CRM, we’ve tripled the number of requests satisfied. 

With the use of a united database and customer profiles, the process of getting through each inquiry doubled its speed. In addition, seeing all the required information in one place prevented the agents from missing any cases.

Unique Training

Immediate customer response is crucial; delays may drive them away. At TripRobotics, we recognize the nuances of live and written interactions, training our agents for each communication type. 

They skillfully use sales and conflict resolution techniques, while our QA department analyzes interactions for continual service improvement.

After using our training strategy, Chatdeal’s customer satisfaction achieved a peak 38.24% increase from 3.4 rating to 4.7 rating.

The Results


One of the biggest benefits of the omnichannel approach is that it is the most customer-centered solution available. Clients appreciate the effort and feel important when you use their time responsibly and know the specifics of each case. After following the goals and strategy set by TripRobotics, Chatdeal’s overall customer satisfaction and loyalty increased – resulting in more business opportunities later.

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