How TripRobotics Boosts Priceline’s Operational Scales Rapidly

about priceline

Priceline, under Booking Holdings, offers a platform for unbeatable deals on travel essentials. Known for its ‘Name Your Own Price’ feature, it now provides various travel services to help customers save on bookings.


Number of Provided Destinations


Bookings Conversion Rate


Number of Processed Leads


Number of Sales

The Challenge

Due to Priceline’s high volume of operations and large scale, they’ve required a rapid staff expansion to process all the booking and customer inquiries. Unfortunately, the lack of resources resulted in a long response time, lowered the customer retention rate and overall satisfaction with the experience.

To address the problem, they chose TripRobotics to handle bookings and customer communications, in order to facilitate their workload and create a more systematic approach.

What did TripRobotics do?

TripRobotics was tasked to facilitate business operations and take over customer communication. We have created a dedicated team that will address all the customer questions during the booking process and handle support requests.

To fully cover the company’s scale of operations, we have recruited staff in the Philippines and India specifically for the Priceline project. They’ve undergone training and were provided instructions for online booking and Priceline company guidelines.

When the customer speaks to our representatives, we understand that your reputation is on the line. And that’s why we select only the best applicants and train them specifically for your project and needs. Following this standard allows us to reach top-quality customer service and maintain high review ratings.

On top of that, we’ve created a more systematic approach, where each member of staff is dedicated to one department only, speeding up the resolution process for each request and maintaining high customer satisfaction.

Young adult friendly and confidence operator woman agent smiling with headsets in call centre with her colleague team working as customer service and technical support workplace in background.

The Results

4.1 stars

Customer ratings got up from an initial 3.5


Increased daily call processing numbers


Reduced average response wait time


Despite these metrics not being directly related to profit, underestimating their value would be a mistake. Quick call responses boost sales and reduce order abandonment, while customer satisfaction leads to repeat business and positive reviews, ultimately increasing Priceline’s revenue.

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