From Calls to Clicks: Ovago’s Hybrid Approach in Simplifying Travel Bookings

about Ovago

Ovago is a travel booking platform utilizing a hybrid booking model to provide an intuitive, simple process for customers to purchase travel tickets and experiences, whether through old-school phone calls with agent assistance or a self-service app.


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The Challenge

After months of focusing on attracting new clients, TripRobotics wanted to maximize the value of its already existing customer base. The goal was to increase the amount spent on a single purchase and increase the overall number of finalized purchases.

Goals set by TripRobotics for Ovago:

  • Increase the average order value
  • Decrease the rate of abandoned orders
  • Add new payment methods to the system

What did we do:

Improved the customer journey

Many customers were leaving the website before completing their purchases. Using AI algorithms, we revealed that website distractions were a key issue. We made the required UX improvements to enhance the user experience, resulting in a 60% reduction in abandoned carts.

Added personalized offers

By using cross-selling and personalized offers powered by AI, Ovago increased profits by displaying customers additional services related to their travel history and orders. This seamless experience allowed clients to easily add hotels, car rentals, and tours to their airline ticket bookings, resulting in higher profits per order.

New Payment Methods

Just like with omnichannel communication, customers should have multiple payment options. TripRobotics tech provided an an option to pay in monthly installments for customers not ready to pay the full amount upfront.

The Results

Sales Growth with the Hybrid Booking Model









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