Integrating TripRobotics CRM in a US-based OTA System


Our client is a major OTA located in Dallas, USA, which provides its B2C and B2B customers with hotel booking services, both individually and for groups of travelers. The company is working on an agreement and partnership basis with hotels and hotel providers. Additionally to the well established connecting with major providers, its purchasing power allows our client to negotiate feasible rates for customers. 

Business Objectives

System dissimilarities. Since there was no common platform that could be used by sales, marketing, customer service, and back-office, our team had to integrate one in the system to allow these departments to manage day-to-day operations like hotel room reservations.

We also had to automate and define some processes as the lack of automation led to an inefficient workflow. Besides that, we had to establish a defined email system that would allow our client to track all emails easily.

Business intelligence. Introduce reports and dashboards for a clear assessment of the business effectiveness in real-time.

Customer management. We were approached by our client to manage complex business user scenarios.


While establishing the objectives, TripRobotics has determined the specific solutions that included the integration of sales, marketing, and customer service module in TripRobotics CRM. We have also migrated data from legacy Reservation database to TripRobotics CRM by using SSIS packages.

Additionally, we produced the integration of CRM in B2B and B2C websites to manage diverse cases (cancellations, refunds, exchanges, etc.), the email marketing platform in TripRobotics CRM for email campaigns, and back-office tool for a consistent data flow.

Keeping in mind the dynamic and growing business needs, the solution has been developed on a highly scalable architecture that allowed gathering the requirements, design, implementation, and maintenance of the system.


As the solutions had been defined, we have established the scope that included the integration of CRM and customer service module in current B2B and B2C websites, and the customization of existing vanilla forms in TripRobotics CRM.

The scope also entitled account and contact management, SLA management in case of the SLA breach, email management – the automatization of email distribution, marketing list management, campaign management, lead management, as well as customer segmentation.


Based on the proposed solutions, there have been identified such functionalities as the development of cases through B2C and B2B websites, SLA management to improve customer service and leverage tracking, and definition of business workflows for improved operational efficiency. 

In addition to the previous functionalities, there are listed the workflow management for better process automation, application of segmentation techniques for precise marketing campaigns, implementation of approval mechanism that will ensure only authorized actions, audit trail, role base actions, dashboards and reports for increased security and outlook.


At the end of the application of the system improvements, our client was able to enable full view of the customer by providing info in a single window. We improved the process tracking and control with a 20% reduction in the service request. Customer satisfaction has been increased as the client was able to assess the cases promptly. 

We have also introduced dashboards and reports and the SLA mechanism for service requests logged by the customer. The average time for case resolution has been decreased by 65%. And the segmentation allowed our client to leverage manpower utilization.

The real-time monitoring and prompt reaction to booking failures saved the company around $1.1 Million. In just 1 month, our client was able to resolve around 1,000 cases. Talking about marketing, we have improved the clicks and impressions for email campaigns. 

The security system has also been improved by implementing role-based access control. Last but not least, we achieved to make the sales process more transparent by developing a required approval mechanism.  

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