Head of Sales

Ethan Bradford

Ethan is a seasoned sales professional with a remarkable track record of driving revenue growth and building lasting client relationships within the travel industry.

Ethan’s career at TripRobotics commenced as a Sales Supervisor, where he quickly distinguished himself through his unwavering dedication and persuasive communication skills. He excelled at not only meeting but consistently exceeding sales targets, earning accolades for his exceptional performance. His ability to understand the diverse needs of clients and tailor solutions to match those needs set him apart as a rising star in the company.

Through a series of promotions, Ethan steadily climbed the ranks within TripRobotics, proving himself as a strategic thinker and a results-driven leader. His passion for innovation and his keen awareness of emerging trends in the travel technology landscape made him a natural choice for the role of Head of Sales.

“Sales is not merely about closing deals, but opening doors to new possibilities. We don’t just sell flight tickets – we build relationships with our clients and provide extraordinary travel experiences to them. Our success is measured by the journeys we enable, the loyalty we nurture, and the trust we earn.”

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