Live Chat Support Lead

Matthew Brenner

Matthew is a dedicated and customer-focused professional who has made a significant impact in the travel technology industry as the Live Chat Support Lead at TripRobotics. With a passion for problem-solving and a commitment to enhancing the online customer experience, Matthew has played a pivotal role in revolutionizing the way travelers interact with online travel agencies operated by TripRobotics.

Matthew’s career at TripRobotics commenced as a Live Chat Support Specialist, where his exceptional communication skills and technical acumen quickly became evident. He had an innate ability to understand and address customer inquiries swiftly and effectively, earning him a reputation for excellence among both clients and colleagues.

Over time, Matthew’s dedication and innovative problem-solving abilities led to his promotion to Live Chat Support Lead. In this leadership role he took charge of a team of chat support agents overseeing their daily operations and ensuring that TripRobotics’ customers received the highest level of assistance.

“Live chat support is a relatively new way of building bridges of trust and ensuring every traveler’s journey is smooth, supported, and unforgettable via the channel of communication that is convenient and quick. Our team is the heartbeat of our commitment to customer excellence.”

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