Head of Marketing

Timothy Colin

Timothy is a visionary marketing strategist whose innovative approach and creative initiatives have played an important role in the company’s rapid growth.

Timothy’s career at TripRobotics commenced as a Marketing Manager, where he quickly emerged as a creative force within the organization. His ability to analyze the data trends and rapidly adjust the traffic streams caught the attention of both colleagues and top management. He demonstrated a deep understanding of the travel industry’s nuances and the power of marketing to connect with travelers on a profound level.

Over the years Timothy held various key positions that honed his skills and expertise in the ever-evolving world of digital marketing. His commitment to staying ahead of industry trends and his ability to pivot and adapt to changing consumer behaviors made him a natural choice for the role of Head of Marketing.

“Marketing is the art of crafting dreams and the science of turning them into reality. In the era of enormous digital competition on multiple meta-search engines it is important to be always on the top of metrics, trends and supply and demand curve fluctuations in order to turn these dreams into reality.”

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