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You can offer a full range of travel products, including flight and hotel booking, vacation packages, cruises, car rentals, tours and activities, travel insurance plans, rail tickets, visa processing, and more. The OTA provides access to inventory from suppliers around the world.

Customers will book travel products through your branded website. The OTA will seamlessly handle the booking process and confirmation emails behind the scenes with the power of our latest AI platform – TripRobotics Ecosystem.

Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of the booking process:

Step 1: Search and Selection

Customers begin by searching for their desired travel products, whether it’s flights, hotels, car rentals, or tours. Utilize user-friendly search filters, allow for multi-city itineraries, and provide real-time pricing and availability.

Step 2: Personalization and Customization

Enable customers to personalize their travel arrangements, such as selecting specific flight times, preferred hotel rooms, or desired vehicle types. Allow for add-ons and ancillary services like baggage allowance, seat selection, or travel insurance.

Step 3: Secure Payment Gateway

Integrate with a secure payment gateway to process customer payments safely and reliably. Offer multiple payment options, including credit cards, debit cards, and e-wallets.

Step 4: Booking Confirmation and E-tickets

Upon successful payment, provide customers with immediate booking confirmation and e-tickets for their chosen travel products. Send detailed itineraries with all relevant information, including contact details, addresses, and booking references.

Step 5: Post-booking Support

Offer ongoing customer support throughout the travel journey. Provide easy access to customer service channels, handle any booking inquiries promptly, and address any issues efficiently.

Yes, the platform can be fully customized with your branding, color schemes, and terminology. This allows the booking experience to match your brand identity.

You maintain direct relationships with your preferred travel suppliers. The OTA can integrate content from your supplier contracts, as well as multiple exclusive content providers that TripRobotics already has agreements with.

You have a dedicated support team from the OTA for any customer service needs. This provides 24/7 global support. Any automatically resolved issues handle our AI model, while more complex and complicated inquiries are redirected to our support team.

  • Tiered Support Structure:

TripRobotics employs a tiered support structure to address customer issues effectively. For initial inquiries, we provide a robust AI-service knowledge base and FAQs section to empower customers to find solutions independently. For more complex issues, our multi-lingual customer support team is available via phone, email, and live chat.

  • Dedicated Partner Support:

We maintain dedicated support channels for our OTA partners, providing them with priority assistance and personalized solutions. Our partner support team is well-versed in the specific needs and challenges of OTAs and can collaborate effectively to resolve issues quickly.

  • Real-time Issue Tracking:

We utilize a robust issue tracking system to monitor and manage customer support requests. Each issue is assigned a unique identifier and tracked through the resolution process, ensuring transparency and accountability.

  • Service Level Agreements (SLAs):

We establish clear SLAs with our OTA partners, outlining our commitment to response times, resolution times, and customer satisfaction levels. We regularly review and monitor our performance against these SLAs to ensure we meet or exceed expectations.

  • Continuous Improvement:

TripRobotics is committed to continuous improvement in our customer support processes. We actively seek feedback from our OTA partners and customers to identify areas for enhancement and implement changes accordingly.

We are providing daily/monthly/quarterly reports and building custom data dashboards to help our partners stay on top of things and make strategic decisions. Robust reporting and analytics provide key insights into bookings, conversion rates, revenue, margins, and more. This helps inform strategic decisions.

Secure payment handling and fraud protection are provided as an integral part of the TripRobotics ecosystem. You receive payouts from the OTA based on the agreed commercial terms.

Yes, TripRobotics provides a comprehensive suite of marketing tools and support to help our OTA partners promote their travel offerings and reach their target audience effectively.

Marketing Tools:

  • Co-branded Marketing Materials: We provide OTAs with co-branded marketing materials, including brochures, banners, and social media graphics, to promote their white-label travel platform.
  • SEO and SEM Optimization: We offer SEO and SEM optimization services to help OTAs improve their website ranking and attract organic traffic through search engines.
  • Social Media Management: We assist OTAs in managing their social media presence, creating engaging content, and running targeted social media campaigns.
  • Email Marketing Automation: We provide email marketing automation tools to help OTAs nurture leads, send personalized emails, and drive conversions.
  • Affiliate Marketing Program: We offer an affiliate marketing program that allows OTAs to partner with travel bloggers, influencers, and other websites to earn commissions on referrals.
  • Performance Tracking and Analytics: We provide comprehensive performance tracking and analytics tools to help OTAs measure the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns and optimize their strategies.

Marketing Support:

  • Dedicated Marketing Specialists: We assign dedicated marketing specialists to each OTA partner to provide personalized support and guidance.
  • Marketing Strategy Development: We collaborate with OTAs to develop tailored marketing strategies that align with their brand, target audience, and business objectives.
  • Creative Campaign Development: We assist OTAs in developing creative marketing campaigns that capture attention, generate interest, and drive bookings.
  • Campaign Performance Analysis: We regularly analyze the performance of OTAs’ marketing campaigns and provide insights for improvement.
  • Industry Trend Insights: We keep OTAs updated on the latest industry trends, marketing best practices, and emerging technologies to help them stay ahead of the competition.Yes, TripRobotics provides a comprehensive suite of marketing tools and support to help our OTA partners promote their travel offerings and reach their target audience effectively.

The TripRobotics ecosystem is based on a set of custom-made APIs that aggregate the best travel content from multiple sources, such as Global Distribution Systems (GDS), New Distribution Capabilities (NDC), and other major travel content aggregators. The APIs are controlled through user-friendly control panels that allow flexibly set pricing and markup policies based on the content and marketing channels it is exposed to the customers.

The white-label model allows you to deliver a customized travel booking experience reflecting your brand promise and strengths. Here are some strategies you can employ to differentiate your travel business using TripRobotics’ white-label travel solution:

  • Focus on a Niche Market: Instead of trying to cater to everyone, consider specializing in a particular niche market, such as luxury travel, adventure travel, or family travel. This allows you to tailor your offerings and marketing efforts to a specific audience, enhancing customer experience and brand loyalty.
  • Curated Travel Experiences: Offer curated travel experiences that go beyond simply booking flights and accommodations. Provide personalized recommendations, local insights, and unique activities that cater to the interests and preferences of your target audience using TripRobotics.
  • Exceptional Customer Service: Prioritize customer satisfaction by providing exceptional customer service throughout the travel journey. Offer responsive support, personalized assistance, and proactive communication to build trust and foster customer loyalty.
  • Technology-Driven Innovation: Leverage technology to innovate and enhance your travel offerings. Use our data analytics to personalize recommendations, integrate AI-powered chatbots (TripRobotics Ecosystem) for customer support, and utilize mobile app development to provide a seamless booking and travel experience.
  • Strategic Partnerships: Collaborate with strategic partners, such as travel bloggers, influencers, and local businesses, to expand your reach, gain credibility, and offer exclusive deals or experiences to your customers.
  • Unique Marketing Campaigns: Develop creative and engaging marketing campaigns that resonate with your target audience. Utilize storytelling, emotional appeals, and interactive elements to capture attention and drive bookings.
  • Social Responsibility Initiatives: Integrate social responsibility initiatives into your business operations. Partner with eco-friendly travel providers, support local communities, and promote responsible tourism practices to appeal to conscious travelers.

By implementing these differentiation strategies and utilizing TripRobotics’ white-label travel solution, you can create a unique and compelling travel business that attracts loyal customers and stands out in the competitive travel industry.

The launch timeframe for your travel site using TripRobotics’ white-label solution depends on several factors, including the complexity of your website design, the volume of travel products you want to offer, and the level of customization you require. However, in general, we can have your end-to-end travel booking website operational in 5-6 business days.

Here’s a breakdown of the launch process and timelines:

Phase 1: Onboarding and Planning (1 day)

Onboarding: We’ll get you acquainted with the TripRobotics platform, provide training, and establish your account.

Planning: We’ll work with you to define your site’s goals, target audience, and branding guidelines.


Phase 2: Website Design and Development (2-3 days)

Design: Our design team will create mockups and work with you to finalize the look and feel of your site.

Development: Our developers will integrate TripRobotics’ travel APIs and build your site based on the approved design.


Phase 3: Content Creation and Testing (1-2 days)

Content Creation: We’ll assist you in creating engaging content for your site, including destination descriptions, itineraries, and travel tips.

Testing: We’ll conduct thorough testing to ensure your site is functioning properly and meets your expectations.


Phase 4: Launch and Promotion (1-2 day)

Launch: We’ll launch your site and ensure it’s visible to search engines and potential customers.

Promotion: We’ll provide you with marketing materials and support to promote your site and attract visitors.



Throughout the launch process, our dedicated project managers will keep you updated on progress and address any questions or concerns you may have. We strive to make the launch process as smooth and efficient as possible so you can start selling travel products quickly.

Our dedicated support team provides 24/7 multi-lingual customer service via phone, live chat, or email to create a seamless booking experience.

The standard agreement presumes that there will be a minimum commitment of 12 months.

Two main commercial models are available for our potential partners – Revenue Share and Cost per Acquisition. No set-up fees are involved whatsoever.

Depending on the agreement we reach in the initial stage, our marketing team may assist in crafting strategies to drive qualified traffic, increase conversions, and grow your travel sales.

Our open API architecture allows seamless integration with your other systems like CRM, accounting, and more.

We continually invest in our technology to ensure your platform has the latest features, products, and integrations.We employ a comprehensive approach to platform updates that encompasses ongoing development, regular releases, and proactive communication.

  • Ongoing Development:

Our team of developers is constantly working on enhancing the TripRobotics platform, incorporating new technologies, improving performance, and adding new features to meet the evolving needs of our OTA partners and their customers.

  • Regular Releases:

We release new updates to the platform on a regular basis, typically every few weeks. These updates include bug fixes, performance enhancements, and new features that are designed to improve the overall user experience and functionality of your travel platform.

  • Proactive Communication:

We keep our OTA partners informed about upcoming updates, providing detailed release notes and documentation to ensure a smooth transition to the latest version of the platform. We also offer dedicated support channels to address any questions or concerns that may arise during the update process.

In addition to these regular updates, TripRobotics also provides on-demand support for custom development requests and integrations. We understand that some OTAs may have specific requirements that go beyond the standard platform functionalities. Our team of experts is available to work with you to develop custom solutions that meet your unique needs.

Absolutely, we have successfully launched white-label travel solutions for travel in multiple global markets and a wide variety of industries. To look for more information visit our Case Study page.

Our experience, customizable platform, extensive supplier network, and dedicated support make us uniquely suited to deliver a white-label OTA tailored to your brand and market.

  • Comprehensive Travel Solution:

TripRobotics provides a comprehensive white-label travel solution that encompasses all aspects of online travel booking, from flight and hotel search to payments and customer support. This eliminates the need to integrate with multiple providers and gives you a single, unified platform to manage your travel business.

  • Seamless Customization:

TripRobotics allows you to customize the look and feel of your travel platform to match your brand identity and target audience. You can adjust colors, fonts, logos, and layouts to create a unique and recognizable brand experience for your customers.

  • Powerful Travel APIs:

TripRobotics offers a robust suite of travel APIs that provide access to a vast inventory of travel products from leading suppliers worldwide. This ensures that your customers have a wide range of options to choose from and can find the best deals.

  • Advanced Technology Stack – TripRobotics Ecosystem:

TripRobotics leverages cutting-edge technologies to power its platform, ensuring optimal performance, security, and scalability. This ensures that your website can handle high traffic volumes, protect customer data, and adapt to future growth requirements.

  • Dedicated Support and Expertise:

TripRobotics provides dedicated support and expertise throughout the implementation, launch, and ongoing operation of your white-label travel platform. Our team of experts is available to assist you with any questions, concerns, or customization requests.

  • Proven Track Record:

TripRobotics has a proven track record of success in the travel industry, serving numerous OTA partners worldwide. Our white-label solution has helped our partners achieve their business goals, increase bookings, and enhance customer satisfaction.

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