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Fairfield University and the University of Delaware have partnered with TripRobotics to improve the travel experience for their students and staff. The universities now have access to customized booking platforms to simplify travel arrangements and demonstrate their commitment to integrating advanced technology into education.

The Challenge

Numerous traditional institutions, like universities, lack a dedicated travel platform designed to address their unique demands, including the provision of airfares for their students and faculty members. Fairfield University and the University of Delaware employees and students did not have their own booking platform, so they had to search for tickets on other external platforms. This process was time-consuming and made it difficult for them to find and book the necessary tickets.

The universities lacked a platform capable of consolidating academic-focused airfares while ensuring bookings were exclusively available to eligible users. They needed a solution that allowed bookings only from university-affiliated email addresses. 

TripRobotics was necessary to solve this gap, specifically for Fairfield & Delaware Universities, which lacked their customized booking platform to facilitate hassle-free travel bookings for students and employees.

Value Delivered

TripRobotics devised a strategic plan to address these challenges. The primary goals were to create a university-specific booking system that met the unique needs of each institution while also implementing stringent booking restrictions to maintain the platform’s integrity. The platform needed to:

  • Only allow bookings by students and employees;
  • Restrict access by university email domains;
  • Reflect each school’s brand identity;

The company created a unique white-label booking platform that is easily accessible and exclusively dedicated to Fairfield University & the University of Delaware members. To ensure the exclusivity of this platform, the developers needed to add a booking restriction based on age restrictions, university-affiliated email domains and student status verification.

The Results


TripRobotics is a leading travel technology company providing customized booking platforms to streamline university travel management. Leveraging proprietary algorithms and machine learning, TripRobotics automates the entire travel booking process to deliver unparalleled efficiency and convenience.

The TripRobotics Ecosystem has provided an automated booking platform tailored to each university’s requirements. Powered by Machine Learning At the platform’s core is TripRobotics’ proprietary machine learning technology. Advanced algorithms analyze historical travel patterns and real-time data to optimize every aspect of the booking experience.

This case study stands as a testament to TripRobotics’ innovative approach and its commitment to providing quality solutions that are not just efficient but also exclusive. Continuous upgrades and improvements to the platform provided by TripRobotics ensure the University’s travel solution stays relevant and up-to-date with the latest technologies. As more Universities adopt the white-label OTA, this expands our client base and allows for benchmarking of achievements between peer institutions. TripRobotics has been revolutionizing institutional travel bookings with its “convenient” technology.

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