Travel Agency Software Development for the Leading Tour Operator


Our client is a major software provider for OTAs throughout Europe whose customers have their booking systems. The client needed a reliable partner who would provide him a guaranteed result in a short time. He carefully selected the supplier as he had three unsuccessful attempts before. Those suppliers were not able to offer him the software the company needed. TripRobotics stood out among its competitors due to the Travel Technology Framework (ATTF), which we use to work with, excellent reviews and experience in similar projects, as well as the speed and quality of their releasing.


  • Modern interface (UI)
  • GDS integration to Amadeus and other suppliers
  • Expansion of the system as a B2B travel platform
  • Creating a private fare management system integrated with the GDS where the user will be able to see and to compare airfares
  • A safe, scalable and customizable OTA platform providing a solution for booking hotels (private and supplier connectivity) and flights (private and Amadeus)

Value Delivered

TripRobotics took on the task of developing for the client. A senior project manager was deployed to the project, and team members were quickly added to launch different project flows, including creating requirements definitions, user interface (UI) and Front-end design and GDS integration. The team immediately helped set up the user interface, HTML set, and requirements specifications. GDS has also been integrated with Amadeus Vista.

The project began to move to the QA phase, and some application modules were certified as completed. TripRobotics’s best practices in analysis, design, project management, quality control, and development helped run the application in the short time periods set by the client.


The client highly appreciated the work of TripRobotics, and special attention was paid to the extensive development established by the team. The company was pleased with the project’s progress and was ready to abandon previous bad experience with other suppliers of travel technology.

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