Travel Portal Development for Online Travel Community


Our client is the largest online travel community in India. It provides hotels, flights, car rental, travel insurance, and is connected to several major GDS.  The company operates on the online travel market for a long time (more than 8 years), so they want to introduce new offers for their clients. This solution should be implemented on their major website offering tours, hotels and airline tickets.

When choosing a partner, the client was guided primarily by the company’s experience in travel technologies, its range of services and value for money. Thus, the choice fell to TripRobotics.


  • Provide a solution for booking hotels (private and supplier connectivity) and flights (private and Amadeus) to be an open standard, scalable and modular
  • Back Office system to manage bookings
  • Create a fare management system integrated with the GDS where the user will see and compare fees.
  • Integrate Abacus & Amadeus GDS
  • Offering a white-label products opportunity
  • Provide a consolidation with different low-priced providers in India

Value Delivered

TripRobotics understood the client's requirements and helped him develop and implement a solution to realize his business plans. Our expert team members who were responsible for the project have successfully implemented its development by providing the client with consulting and project support.


The solution TripRobotics provided to the client is one of the leading and appreciated channels. So, the client estimated the value we brought to his business and signed the contract for another project with us.

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