TripRobotics Enhances Front- & Back-Office and Builds a Marketing Website for an OTA


For this study case, we worked with a US-based online travel agency that helps its customers organize their trips from booking flights to hotels. The business works with both individuals and corporate travelers. In order to develop their company, they asked us to help with a set of goals, some of which are building a new website for customers, a separate back-office operations management system for internal use, as well as redesigning an integrated system.


In the process of working with our client, our team focused on some tasks:

  • Build a platform for customer data management;
  • Create a modern UI focused on engaging customer experience;
  • Bring up to date the booking engine.

Value Delivered

Improved back-office operations
An online travel agency is always contacted by their customers regarding their travel requests. Therefore, improved customer data management is necessary to allow the company to operate every call and offer a faster solution. Our team of engineers developed the OPS Center platform that expedites finding customer data and updating it.
The OPS center assists agents to manage users’ information in real-time, search for bookings, reservations data and update them. Our challenge was to create the system’s frontend based on the new backend. The platform’s interface includes the whole layout development, the design of different UI tools, along with filters for incoming calls, online and offline reservations. We used React to build the back-office platform.

An enhanced user experience
We worked to build a customer-focused website for better user experience to reach growth in the number of bookings. We simplified the customer’s experience by improving the website’s UX/UI design. We used React-Redux to build the website.

Advanced flight search
Our client wanted an updated booking engine regarding its technical practicality and design. Our team integrated Amadeus GDS into a booking engine, using SOAP API. With Amadeus Master Pricer API we enhanced the booking engine by adding a calendar, which predicts the fares closest to the searched flight dates.

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