TripRobotics Helps AranGrant To Develop an Extranet System & Special Travel Features


AranGrant is an online B2B and B2C travel agency.

The company required additional functions and features for its soft, such as tour customization and panel for each service sector.


  • A possibility for the supplier to add in his panel information and save it in drafts. Then send it to the manager for approval.
  • To create a B2B and B2C Manager Panel.
  • To add the email features to the B2B Panel.
  • Switching notifications for each Panel on.
  • Supplier Panel product availability management.
  • Add price management.
  • Booking management with invoice preparation.
  • Net price management in Supplier Panel.
  • Pending payments sending.
  • Products management.
  • Automate actual data displaying.
  • Data reports management.
  • Export availability in PDF.
  • Print module adding.
  • B2C cart management.
  • Possibility to sign up via Google and Facebook.

Value Delivered

Manager, Supplier & B2B/B2C Panels
The experienced development team of TripRobotics created manager, supplier, B2B and B2C panels for AranGrant's extranet. It was developed for the supplier to register his agency in the B2C panel and attach products to the supplier panel. The manager should accept the supplier in his panel. After that, his products will be obtained on both - B2C and B2B panels.
There's a search filter set on the website for a client's convenience: tours and events can be searched by location or by name. We tried to improve the user experience on the site, too. Now, the user can quickly find all the needed information about the product, including product availability and price. In addition, it is easy for him to place an order now. Action canceling is no longer complicated for either the client or the manager.

What Is Extranet System
An extranet is a private network, mostly for business, that allows access to partners, vendors, and suppliers, and also to the information available from an organization's intranet. In our case, the Tour Extranet system was introduced. So, having a product from a supplier in its system, the agency can completely manage it and provide it for booking to the customers.

Availability Module
The Availability Module is one of the essential components of an extranet network. Our experts have successfully improved this feature, making it possible to manage the product, in particular, to configure its operating for the user.

High Database Performance
Since the database is often overloaded with information about the company's products, it needs a module for changing a set of attributes, which is the essential thing there. Therefore, it was a challenging task for us, as it required deep awareness of the structure field. But in the end, we were able to fulfill it. We did this graphically in the SQL database. Our efforts brought success and covered all the client's requirements.

Comprehensive User Interaction
For the application to have a fast load speed and increase the user experience, the site was built on Angular 8 and SCSS. The client can easily manage the website; we have created a user manual that includes a complete every-step action guide.

Cross-platform flexibility
One of the customer's requirements was the ability to export data in Excel format and the ability to print data. The development of these functions by our experts was successful.
We also added additional values, such as the verification system improving. After all, the customer database has a wide range of products, and flexibility will facilitate the whole process. It became possible to manage the product at the manager's access level - review it, activate it, or download product data.

Availability Check
When the customer begins the booking process, he sees the product availability. However, he will not receive confirmation without payment. Sometimes, when the booking process has already run, the product is still available. Precisely, this is because of the confirmation expectation, which should be received by email. Therefore, the product remains visible to other users.


As a result, TripRobotics ran perfectly with all the requests. We successfully added four panels, the possibility to add a new supplier or B2B2C agency. We have improved the interface for convenient bookings, adding new products and managing in general.

So, AranGrant became one of the best agencies in its country and globally. It receives great testimonials from its customers and the website was awarded as Best Tour Extranet System.

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