TripRobotics Ecosystem

Multi-level automated back office infrastructure, ensuring the security and confidentiality of all transactions.


Our TripRobotics Ecosystem is a critical component that handles booking processing, verifies payments, searches for cheaper fares, issues tickets, and audits charges. It also has a control panel to manage user roles and access.

Enhanced Customer Service

We offer a central platform for managing customer inquiries and complaints, enhancing overall customer satisfaction.

Improved Efficiency

We specialize in automating travel bookings, allowing your employees to focus on other areas.

Effective Anti-fraud Measures

Our software prevents fraud by verifying credit cards and detecting potential fraudulent activities.

Increased Sales

Our ecosystem helps OTAs streamline the booking process, making it easier for customers to find and book travel products.

Innovative Core: Profiling the Software

Explore the TripRobotics Ecosystem: advanced core, organized structure for efficient task execution, streamlined processes, and outstanding booking results. Supports major providers like Sabre, Amadeus, and Travelport.

Key Tasks of
the Ecosystem Components

Sales Order Processing

Handling the sales order with ease and efficiency.

Refund Management

Automating refund orders while handling variations depending on the client's decisions.

Payment Verification and Authorization

Detailing every payment method and ensuring its validity.

Fraud Prevention

Proactive in detecting and mitigating fraudulent transactions.

Internal Database Update

Continuously filtering out and updating fraudulent transactors.

Search for Profitable Alternatives

Deciding on alternative, economical reservations to boost the company's profit.

Issue of Tickets

Facilitating ticket issuance through collaboration with Global Distribution Systems (GDS)

Architecture: TripRobotics Ecosystem Sub-components

Our system consists of four key independent components that play a specific role:

Verification Service (VF)

Verifies payments to ensure that they are valid

Experts Service (EXP)

Searches for alternative fares for existing bookings to help businesses maximize their profits.

Ticketing Service (TKT)

Issues tickets for confirmed bookings.

Bookkeeping Service (BKK)

Generates reports that can be used to track performance and make business decisions.

The Potential of the Software for Travel Businesses and OTAs

The TripRobotics Ecosystem is a powerful tool for travel businesses and Online Travel Agencies (OTAs). Its structure and efficiency can transform the ticketing process, preventing fraud and boosting profits. It optimizes booking management, payment verification, fare searches, and ticket issuance, enhancing operational profitability for businesses in the travel industry.

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