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The Beginning

It all started back in 2016 when a group of young and ambitious travel agents led by Vladimir Melnic decided to pursue their passion for travel and technology. Together, we founded our first online travel agency business. We were driven by a vision to transform the industry through technology.

Travel meets Tech

Two years into our journey, we realized the power of technology to enhance the travel experience. Later, a team of experienced IT experts joined us to help build TripRobotics Ecosystem – our proprietary booking ecosystem. The goal was simple – leveraging technology to create personalized and streamlined travel experiences worldwide.

Scaling Up

By mid-2020, we had gained significant traction and finalized building the TripRobotics Ecosystem. It was time to accelerate our growth. We joined forces with global travel leaders, kicking off an exciting new chapter. With their expertise and our tech capabilities, we set out to change the travel industry landscape forever.

The Foundation

Since day one, we’ve focused on understanding each traveler’s unique needs. Providing exceptional experiences has been fundamental to our success. Guided by timeless service principles and industry experience, we’ve built a company rooted in caring for our customers.

Why US

Our ambition is fueled by a passion for travel and a drive to transform the industry through technology. While the journey has had twists and turns, our vision remains clear – to create unforgettable and personalized travel experiences. There’s so much potential still to unlock, and we’re just getting started!


We are driven by a passion for travel and providing excellent experiences.


We hold a profound respect for one another, our clients and partners.


We commit to full transparency and honesty in all our partnerships.


We are committed to the mission of creation .

When Travel Meets Tech

Throughout the years, we’ve brought together the finest talents from the IT and travel industries, forging our distinctive TripRobotics Family built on passion, loyalty, and honesty.

Building a strong and balanced team was our first and most crucial step in reaching our current success and pushing us toward even greater heights in the future.

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With experience both in travel and informational technology, we have quite an extensive know-how base of multiple business growth strategies that we are willing to share with our partners.

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